Baby On Your Six

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Naked Baby Pictures!

BEHOLD THE DRUMMERBABY. (click photos to enlarge them)

This is the DrummerBaby Profile. As you can see, the little tyke is already sporting Mom's nose. (It's the little nubby thing sticking up in the center of the picture.)

This is just a really cool picture of DrummerBaby's spine. It's obviously the long, spiney thing running just about the length of the photo.

This particular photo depicts DrummerBaby doing what I like to call the "rockfist." You can clearly see him with his arm primed to pump his little baby-sized fist into the air, perhaps in tribute to some tiny little rock band he hears inside DrummerWife's uterus. Or perhaps he has a tiny, uteran iPod that none of us can see. The world may never know.


At 6:24 PM, Anonymous Aymelek said...

Rockfist! I love it. :)


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