Baby On Your Six

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Happy Anniversary to Us!

Today is our 3rd Anniversary. 3 years ago I married the love of my life it was SUCH a wonderful day. I would have never believed that in 3 years we would have had the life experiences that we have had. We have lived in 3 places (each one getting progressively better than the next). Our first apartment was so charming...put it this way...if I ever think a house is charming again I am running the other way. Our second place we moved into because I was pregnant and there was no way we could have a baby in the "charming" first apartment. We moved into a condo to prepare for Aaron...only to welcome him into the world about 12 days later. We welcomed the most beautiful baby boy into the world and I watched as my husband instantly became a daddy when he heard Aaron's first cry. When I originally found out our due date (August 4th) we talked about how we would be spending out second wedding anniversary at home with the baby. While we did have a pretty low key day last year it wasn't quite as planned. Now here we are our 3rd year we have handeled everything that has come our way. People often say to us, "You two have been through more in your marriage then some go through in a lifetime". It's probably true, but one thing I know is that there is nobody else I would have wanted go through it with.

Monday, August 13, 2007

Letter to Aaron - August 13, 2007

Dear Aaron,

Hi baby boy! It's been just about a month and what a month it has been. I have been coordinating an office move and it has been crazy! I've been thinking about you a lot today (well I think about you a lot every day, but today even more that normal) so I thought I would write you a letter. Sunday we were at church and someone gave even more baby hats to us for "Aaron's Angels". This is something your cousin Tracey started. People knit preemie hats and turn them into us and we send them to various hospitals with a letter saying that we do this in memory of you. I am still learning how to knit and will probably be learning how to finish the hats sometime this week! We have sent out a batch to Bryn Mawr hospital and another one to a hospital in Erie because Grandma Pam works with a man whose daughter had a premature baby, so we sent some to that baby girl and a bunch to that hospital.

Lately I have been seeing so many little boys that are probably just around your age and that is one thing that I still struggle with a little. I love watching them and just imagining all the things you'd be doing. I think about what you would look like, what our house would look like and how different our lives would be with you here with us. Sometimes I love just letting my mind go and sometimes it makes me sad and missing you terribly. I do miss you peanut. Soooooo much!

I love you! Bigger than the whole wide world.