Baby On Your Six

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Happy Birthday Aaron!

Dear Aaron,

Happy Birthday, peanut! 2 years...Wow! Last year on your birthday I spent a lot of time remembering what happened the year you were born. This year I spent a lot of time thinking about what would have been. What it would be like to have a 2 year old running around. What it would have been like to throw a second birthday party. My guess would be that at this age you'd be into trains, trucks, airplanes etc. On Saturday we had a party for our March for Babies team. Daddy and I and the kids let balloons go for you and yelled, "Happy Birthday Aaron!" We were at the church and right by the memorial garden. We had a very nice party. On Sunday we did the March for Babies and we proudly wore our A-Team T-shirts. We did SO well this year. We raised over $6,300!!! All in memory of you! It made mommy and daddy so proud that we were able to do that. We were just thrilled. Yesterday, Daddy and I took off...we went to lunch with Grandma Pam, Grandpa Keith and Uncle Dan. It was nice. Daddy and I were just able to spend the day together, but I know a lot of people were thinking about you. I hope that you had a wonderful birthday in heaven and I know you were watching us and smiling this weekend.

I love you Aaron! Forever and ever!

Millions of Birthday Hugs and kisses,