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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Happy Birthday Aaron!

Dear Aaron,

Happy Birthday, peanut! 2 years...Wow! Last year on your birthday I spent a lot of time remembering what happened the year you were born. This year I spent a lot of time thinking about what would have been. What it would be like to have a 2 year old running around. What it would have been like to throw a second birthday party. My guess would be that at this age you'd be into trains, trucks, airplanes etc. On Saturday we had a party for our March for Babies team. Daddy and I and the kids let balloons go for you and yelled, "Happy Birthday Aaron!" We were at the church and right by the memorial garden. We had a very nice party. On Sunday we did the March for Babies and we proudly wore our A-Team T-shirts. We did SO well this year. We raised over $6,300!!! All in memory of you! It made mommy and daddy so proud that we were able to do that. We were just thrilled. Yesterday, Daddy and I took off...we went to lunch with Grandma Pam, Grandpa Keith and Uncle Dan. It was nice. Daddy and I were just able to spend the day together, but I know a lot of people were thinking about you. I hope that you had a wonderful birthday in heaven and I know you were watching us and smiling this weekend.

I love you Aaron! Forever and ever!

Millions of Birthday Hugs and kisses,


At 2:49 PM, Anonymous Aunt Roxie said...

Happy Birthday, Aaron! You would be so proud of your mommy and daddy for giving us all the opportunity to be able to help other families with premature babies. You're always in our thoughts and in our hearts, baby Aaron....that's what the kids call you...and your name rolls right off their tongues because we talk about you and remember you so much. You're never to be forgotten sweet child.


At 9:28 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, my grandbaby! I can't describe how proud your mommy and daddy make me. I know that you are grinning as much as your mommy does. Your cousins "wish that Baby Aaron was here". You are in my thoughts every day little one. Love, Grandma Pam


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