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Friday, October 26, 2007's always interesting

Last night was a scary for my family. My sister called my mom last evening and said the house 3 homes down from them was on fire and something exploded. The fire was large and because they are in attached townhomes they did not know if it was going to spread to their house. She told my mom to call people and ask them to pray...we immediately began calling family and I had Josh call his parents to put it on their prayer chain. The story is long and complicated, there were two deaths, however they found that the children that lived their initially thought to be dead were safe. It is all under investigation. However, my sister and brother-in-law (and my puppy niece Daisey) are all safe. They were lucky enough to even be cleared to re-enter and sleep in their house tonight. There were 3 other families who sustained damage and had to stay elsewhere. It was a crazy night.

I talked to my sister this morning for about 30 minutes and I could still tell she was a little shaken up. We just chatted. I think she told me 3 times or more that she loved me. They said if it had not rained the day before and that day all the houses probably would have burned. It seems to me even in the middle of this tradgedy God was somewhere in the midst of it...not trying to be "preachy" just saying how thankful I am for the way things turned out. It also makes me realize that things things happen in the news all the time, but we are used to's the norm. But when it's happening to people you know and love it is so real and is once again a reminder of how fragile life can be.


At 12:15 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

That was a terrible tragedy and we are all thankful that Jess and Dan are ok.

Love you all.



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