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Monday, December 10, 2007

The Holidays

It's incredibly easy to get down during this time of the year, feeling like something (someone) is missing, and that the holidays are just a charade without it (them). However, I've decided to try and remain focused on the good things that have come out of losing Aaron - namely, our now 2nd annual toy drive (which is shaping up to be significantly larger than last years', our March of Dimes walk team which raised over $4,000 last year (and is aiming even higher this year), and the ongoing Aaron's Angels project (preemie-sized knit caps which are distributed to various NICUs).

Aaron may not have been around long, but he sure left a big mark, huh?

Finally, DrummerWife and I had the chance to meet David Fleming, the author of Noah's Rainbow, over the weekend at a book signing in Harrisburg. He was there to sign and promote his new book, titled Breaker Boys, about the Pottsville Maroons. We asked David to sign a copy of his new book, and asked if he wouldn't mind signing Noah's Rainbow as well. He couldn't have been nicer, and kindly obliged us. We took the opportunity to tell him how much Noah's Rainbow meant to us, and how much it had helped us, and others we'd told about the book.

He signed the book "We both know that hope prevails." And it does - as hard as it may be to see sometimes, I think that all the charitable activities that DrummerWife and I have become involved in are evidence of that.


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